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"Gentle, safe, and effective physical therapy for your dog or horse"

Tom Kilner - Animal Osteopath Wiltshire
Tom Kilner - Animal Osteopath Wiltshire
Meet Tom

As the son of a vet I grew up in a house surrounded by animals in various states of health: from the more common: dogs, cats, sheep and horses to the more unusual: badgers, hedgehogs and for about 6 months, a seagull.

"Barley, our Golden Retriever has hip dysplasia and, at the age of 12 years old, all of the arthritic issues that come with that. For the past 4 years, Tom has helped manage Barley's condition, giving her a quality of life she would not otherwise have had. Tom has a magical touch with animals and Barley is always pleased to see him."
Sam Pociecha; Tisbury, Wiltshire."
The Treatment


The treatment itself consists of gentle movements of the joints to encourage their full range of normal movement and enable the attached soft tissues (muscle, tendon, ligament) to lengthen and contract to their full potential.  This allows the body’s normal physiology to function at it’s full potential and reduces abnormal movement patterns caused by pain and muscle guarding.


"Freya and I had great trust in Tom right from the beginning, he has total empathy with her and she adores him as she knows he is there to help her.

I can’t recommend Tom highly enough! Freya always keeps a look out for him and squeaks with delight when he turns can’t ask for anything more for your precious companion."

Sarah Perry; Mere, Wiltshire

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